West Built Recreational Vehicles

West Built Recreational vehicles started in 2005 to meet the need in the market for a value priced new Campervan built on a second hand chassis, all that was available on the second hand market were ex rental models with high mileage and well-worn interiors.

So, the WBR Hiace came into being, we built new conversions on locally sourced and imported used vans as the years have gone by and the available supply of older (pre 2005) Vans have dried up, we have been forced to build later model campers but still offer great value for money.

With recent changes to import rules good used vans will become even harder to find but there is still a market for a new build or remodel to used vans or existing campersvans.

New vans can also be sourced for your complete new build, WBR can build on any van of your choosing as long as it is big enough to meet self-containment certification rules (We have determined to only build self-contained campers).

West Built RV now more than 15 years in business.

We will build on most brands of vehicles including among others…


West built RV will supply a suitable van for your camper conversion (subject to availability) or you are more than welcome to supply your own van either used or new, whatever suits your budget best. We can offer advice on what to look for when choosing a van and appreciate a campervan is a big investment so it is important to have a good foundation on which to start.

West built RV can do most repairs in house and can arrange outsourcing of what we can’t do e.g. Panel repair and painting or soft furnishing repairs.

We can source and supply parts through our network of suppliers and can do renovations or part builds like cabinetry only, electrical, plumbing,batteries, solar systems etc.

We are still working on the tooling of the new hiace (2019 +) as all of our patterning and moulds need to be changed from the earlier model , it will be very similar to the older model as internal measurements are similar but because of the engine forward change to the new model will offer some advantages like true walk through and a possible front swivel seat , the new driving position means the new hiace will be even better as a campervan. We expect to have something ready by late 2020.

West built RV and the "SQUARE DROP"

WBR is in the development stages of a tear drop camper trailer and in the next 12 months will have a small towable camper trailer available, it will be able to be towed by almost any motor vehicle and offer sleeping for 2 inside (extra in a roof top tent or awning). A small kitchen with sink, stove, cooler/refrigerator water storage etc).

There will be 2 models a 2400 x 1500 and a 3300 x 1500